Rexnord C-Style Miniatures Thomas Disc Couplings

The Rexnord Thomas Miniature Couplings are a range of high precision couplings for low horsepower applications. The Style CC miniature coupling has both hubs inverted and designed to fit shafts normally encountered at a given torque range. Ideal for use where space limitations require close coupling of the shafts. The Style CA coupling has one inverted hub to accept a normal shaft and one extended hub to accomodate oversize shafts. The Style CB coupling has both hubs extended to accept two overized hubs with a larger shaft gap than style CA or CC couplings. The Style CBC offers clamping hubs that are integral to the coupling. The clamping hubs assure a positive fit on the shafts with no loose parts to handle during installation. All miniature couplings CC/CA/CB/CBC Available in 8 sizes, from 12 through 100 and engineered to accomodate torque loads from 1.1 lb-in through 700 lb-in.

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