Regal Rexnord offers an extensive product line of mechanical power transmission components ranging from clutches, torque overload devices, chains, sprockets, bushing and much more allowing us to help your power transmission needs from start to finish.
Mechanical cam clutches use a cam or wedging element to lock the inner and outer races of the clutch, allowing torque to be transmitted in only one direction. Cam clutches allow for higher overrunning speeds, greater torque capacities, and longer service life.
Torque overload devices are designed to protect machinery when an overload or jam occurs. Utilizing a torque overload device can help increase production, reduce downtime and prevent costly repairs.

Rexnord Clutches & Breaks

Mechanical Cam Clutches

Also known as freewheels, sprag, overrunning, backstop or one-way clutches, cam clutches lock the inner and outer races to transmit torque in one direction of rotation while overrunning in the opposite direction of rotation. Cam clutches are versatile and available for a variety of applications - from small business machines to giant steel slitters. DC motors offers greater versatility for differing speeds and variable speed control requirements. Magnetic fields produced by high-strength permanent magnets require no electrical current from the motor’s power supply, improving the motor’s energy efficiency and internal heating. This current draw enhances the life of batteries used as power supplies in mobile and remote electric motor dc applications.

Rexnord Clutches & Breaks

Torque Overload Devices

Torque overload devices protect equipment from mechanical overloads caused by excessive torque. They reduce the cost of overload-related damages and increase production by cutting unplanned downtime. Torque overload devices are available in shear pin, ball detent and friction facing designs.