Gear couplings transmit the highest amount of torque in the smallest diameter of any flexible coupling. Each coupling has two hubs with crowned external gear teeth. The hubs mesh with two internally splined flanged sleeves that are bolted together.
Regal Rexnord provides an extensive offering of both standard and engineered-to-order gear couplings. Gear couplings are ideal for applications with high torque and misalignment. Product lines include Falk, Jaure, and Kop-Flex, which offer a wide range of solutions.

Gear Couplings

Falk Gear Couplings

Falk Lifelign gear couplings are well-suited for general industrial applications. Triple-crowned teeth minimize wear caused by misalignment. By eliminating tip-loading while reducing backlash and radial clearances, Lifelign can help protect connected equipment from damaging loads.

Gear Couplings

Jaure Gear Couplings

Jaure MT gear couplings are frequently selected by international OEMs due to their reputation for innovation, reliability, and problem solving. Numerous styles and sizes are available, including engineered-to-order designs developed in close collaboration with customers.

Gear Couplings

Kop-Flex Gear Couplings

Kop-Flex gear couplings are availabe in a wide range of options including the Fast's® coupling, which features a lifetime metallic seal and increased lubrication capacity, as well as the Series H Plus coupling, redesigned with higher bore and torque capacities.  Kop-Flex products feature best-in-class service and engineering support.