Delivery and Shipping

Á Châu Company offers flexible delivery methods for our valued customers, including motorcycle delivery, truck delivery, and courier services.

Please contact us in advance to select the suitable delivery option.

The estimated delivery time depends on the chosen shipping method, location, and the socio-economic situation at the time of delivery. We are committed to making every effort to support our customers with the earliest possible delivery.

Motorcycle delivery/delivery services are applied for orders within a radius of 20km.

Truck delivery/delivery services are applied for orders exceeding 100 kg or distances greater than 20km.

The delivery method and associated costs will be agreed upon by both parties before delivery.

In case of any delays in delivery, we will promptly update our customers with the necessary information. Alternatively, customers can inquire about delivery progress through our sales representatives or contact us via:

Hotline: 0967881388

Email: [email protected]