Gear spindles are torque transmitting devices that connect shafts. This allows for high angular misalignment, high torque capacity, suitability in reversing applications, and the ability to withstand moderate to heavy shock loads. Our Jaure and Kop-Flex Gear Spindles are essential components to many types of industrial machinery and ensure a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

Gear Spindles

Jaure Gear Spindles

Gear spindles are a critical component of the drive train. Jaure designs its gear spindles to ensure performance, operating efficiency and easier maintenance.

Gear Spindles

Kop-Flex Gear Spindles

Kop-Flex gear spindles offer the largest lube capacity of any gear spindle design available in the worldwide market today. This can increase the life of gearing, reduce replacement cost, and minimize unscheduled downtime.