Fluid couplings are torque-limiting, which helps protect rotating equipment from damage caused by torque overload. It is a safety device that can be used in various applications, including mining, material handling, and power generation.
Fluid couplings, also known as hydraulic couplings, help to prevent shock loads and allow variable speeds. By installing Falk True Torque couplings, loads can be balanced on multiple drive systems. Motors on multiple drive systems can be individually started because of the ability of one coupling to temporarily operate at 100% slip.

Fluid Couplings

Falk True Torque

The True Torque system uses a mechanical release mechanism that disengages the coupling when the torque limit is exceeded, preventing damage to the equipment and minimizing downtime. The disengagement torque is adjustable and can be set to match the specific requirements of the application. The Falk True Torque coupling is a reliable and cost-effective solution for protecting valuable equipment from damage caused by torque overload.