Thomas Disc Couplings are torsionally rigid, all-metal flexible couplings that require no regular maintenance or lubrication. Angular, parallel, and axial misalignment are accommodated through flexible disc packs which can be visually inspected without disconnecting equipment.

Thomas couplings are engineered for infinite life and optimized for motor, engine, and turbine-driven applications. With over 100 years of coupling manufacturing history and Rexnord’s dedication to conservative design practices, the Thomas brand is trusted for its reliability on the most critical power train systems.

Features & Benefits:
– All-metal construction providing minimal backlash and low restoring forces
– Require no lubrication
– Visual inspection of disc packs without need to disconnect equipment
– Inherently balanced as manufactured, delivering low vibration even at maximum allowable speeds
– Compensate for angular, parallel (radial), and axial misalignment
– Application flexibility – More than 25 standard sizes with close-coupled, spacer, and floating shaft designs
– API 610 / ISO 14691 & API 671 / ISO 10441 compliant designs
– Engineered-to-order capabilities for custom features or special requirements