CENTAX-V series includes torsionally soft intermediate couplings and bearing support for universal joint shafts designed for construction equipment, ship propulsion drives, and locomotives. This versatile, highly torsionally flexible intermediate coupling has linear characteristics. For cardan driveshafts, the CENTAX-V series provides the safe transmission of torque via a highly flexible, pre-compressed rubber-in-shear element with precision-centered bearings built in. A highly flexible intermediate coupling like the CENTAX-V assures damping of the vibrations and noise for smooth operation and a longer service life for connected units and gear. The CENTAX-V is ventilated with a high allowable energy loss to ensure good heat dissipation and prevent overheating during operation. The couplings are economically priced, and readily available with several standard SAE flywheel connections and hubs to suit a variety of shaft flanges. CENTA-FH flange housings are recommended for larger deflection angles.

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