CENTAFLEX-A Drive Shafts

CENTAFLEX-A constant velocity driveshafts are available in various lengths to adapt to your needs and installation requirements. The highly flexible CENTAFLEX-A driveshafts are particularly well suited for use in marine, industrial, energy, and rail applications. The CENTAFLEX-A is a high-performer with high torsional elasticity. Built to damp torsional vibrations and shock loads, the CENTAFLEX-A element can compensate considerable axial, radial, and angular misalignments. Available in thin wall steel tube, carbon-fiber or glass-fiber designs, and with a split element option, the CENTAFLEX-A is easy to install and maintain with minimum effort. The electrically-insulating and thermally-resistant silicone element option offers a reliable, fail-safe, backlash-free transmission of high torques where needed.

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